Exhibition of sculptures in the Garden


Sculptures of Andrew Lendzion

Inauguration Saturday 22 June 2019 - 6.30 pm
The sculptures will be exhibited in the Garden from 22 June to 22 November 2019

The University of Genova and Hanbury Botanical Gardens are pleased to announce 'Larger than Life', an art exhibition by contemporary sculptor Andrew Lendzion. He received an honours degree in Fine Art Sculpture at Saint Martins School of Art and design, London. The sculptor works predominantly with museums in the U.K and Europe. His work has developed from collaborations with curators at Britain's foremost institutions and the sculptor is a respected donor to the British Museum, London and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, where his work is registered in their permanent acquisition's.

The event hosts an open studio , where the development of the project is showcased through various studio practices, including drawings, maquette studies, and photographic archive. A schedule of artist led informal seminars and tours introduce the statues situated within the Hanbury Botanical Gardens. The venue invites a viewer to embrace the iconic statues as  expressions of  Meta-myths as stories that transcends time, location or culture.

The monumental sculptures are a contemporary interpretation of Hellenic statuary. The series offers an audience a provocative, polychromatic alternative to the emblematic white marble relic. The correlation between the myths of Olympian deities and the present day cult of superhero narrative in film, interactive media and comic books is explored.

Visitors will be able to discover the sculptures in 4 corners of the Garden dedicated to them, "Dark Nike"is a contemporary adaptation of an ancient Greek deity, "Profetic tide" is a modern rendition of the mythical hero Odysseus, "Half brothers", is a sculptural work inspired by the mythologies of the Centaur and Minotaur, "Nuclear" is a contemporary reference to the representation of male combat in ancient statuary.

A path that will transport you to the world of Greek mythology, connected to today's superhero cult, for each sculpture a panel that will provide information on the genesis of the work and each visitor will receive a brochure in which the artist provides, in an interview, some answers to the questions of those who meet his work.

The sculptures
An interview to Andrew Lendzion
Andrew Lendzion website

Andy Lendzion: Classical Sculpture Project - video

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