Educational proposals

The Hanbury Botanical Gardens are a botanical, historical and landscape center of international importance. For several years they are committed to provide schools with a qualified service.

The educational proposals have been revised and enriched with activities introducing sustainable farming methods that allow soil conservation and improvement, less water consumption, reuse of plant remains, use of renewable energy sources.

Fulcrum of the proposed activities is the garden as a classroom-laboratory decentralized outdoor and extending for nine hectares by the sea. The educational objective of the proposed activities is the acquisition of scientific knowledge through observation and direct discovery as a pupil achievement that will gradually manage the scientific method. In this context, in addition to the outdoor observations, can be profitably used the laboratory equipped with microscopes (one is able to project on the screen the material under observation), the nursery, the herbarium and the museum of wood, the photovoltaic greenhouse.

A matter of particular importance in a child's education consists in the approach to the knowledge of the seasons with the full "immersion" in its transformations. This multidisciplinary theme opens horizons of analysis about climate, geography, zoology, botany, (the deciduous plants, bulbous plants, annual plants, the production of flowers, fruits, seeds ...), nutrition, history. To learn about these aspects and in order to deepen them in the following years it is important for the student to manage the basic elements of this changes.

The appointees of educational and information activities and are available for any clarification and deepening:
Dr. Elena Zappa - tel. 0039 0184 226622
Mrs. Anna Luisa Carboni - tel. 0039 0184 226630

Operational and logistics information:
Cooperativa Omnia - tel. 0039 0184 229507 - email: - every day from 9:30 am. .

Last update 26 January 2023