Service quality charter

What is the service quality charter

The Service Quality Charter responds to the need to establish principles and rules in the relationship between the administrations that provide services and the citizens who use them.

It constitutes a real "pact" with users, a communication and information tool that allows them to know the services offered, the promised methods and quality levels, to verify that the commitments undertaken are respected, to express their own evaluations also through forms of complaint.

The adoption of the Service Quality Charter of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens is part of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting a wider enhancement of the cultural heritage preserved in them and at adapting, as far as possible, in harmony with the needs of protection and research, organization of activities to user expectations.

The Charter will be updated periodically to consolidate the quality levels achieved and record the positive changes that have occurred through the implementation of improvement projects, which can also arise from periodic monitoring of user opinion.