GBH Institution


With decree no. 5225 of 31/10/2023, the Service Center for the Hanbury Botanical Gardens (GBH&HBG) is established with effect from 1.1.2024.

The Service Center for the “Hanbury” Botanical Gardens (GBH&HBG), hereinafter “centre”, is a structure aimed at managing services and promoting activities of general interest to the University at:

1) the Hanbury Botanic Gardens (GBH); 

2) the Botanical Garden of the University of Genoa or Hortus Botanicus Genuensis (HBG).

The aims of the center are: 

1) the promotion and support for teaching activities of the University and the regional training system in the Hanbury Botanical Gardens and in the Botanical Garden of the University of Genoa; 

2) support for the research activity carried out by the University, also to encourage, promote and develop collaborations with other national and international research bodies; 

3) the protection, promotion, management and enhancement of biodiversity - in relation to the botanical collections preserved alive or dried, to the Laboratory for the conservation of Ligurian plant diversity (Germplasm Bank), to the natural sites in which the center is based and to the agreement stipulated between the University of Genoa and the Liguria Region (signed on 1 August 2001) for the management of the Regional Protected Area "Hanbury Botanical Gardens" (established by Regional Law 31/2000), including: Marine Protection of Capo Mortola, the SACs IT1316118 Capo Mortola and IT1316175 Capo Mortola - San Gaetano seabed pursuant to Regional Law. 28/2009; 

4) the conservation of regional endemic species and activation of the connection and guidance functions for the botanical gardens connected to the regional parks, with the role of consultancy and training in the botanical field of the operators of the protected areas, pursuant to Regional Council Resolution no. 372/2006;

 5) the conservation of the museum, historical and architectural heritage (in fulfillment of the commitments undertaken in the inter-ministerial decree - Ministry of Finance and Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research - granting free and perpetual use to the University of Genoa pursuant to art. 51, c. 8 of Law 449/1997, of the state property compendium "Hanbury Botanical Gardens"); 

6) the promotion and knowledge of biodiversity (in particular plant and marine) to the general public.

Bodies of the centre: 

1) the president, Prof. Luigi Minuto 

2) the board of directors, composed of the President of the Centre, prof. Luigi Minuto (s.s.d. BIO/02 - systematic botany), by prof. Andrea Zanini (s.s.d. SECS-P/12 - economic history), by prof. Francesco Faccini (s.s.d. GEO/04 - physical geography and geomorphology) and prof. Gabriele Casazza (s.s.d. BIO/02 - systematic botany) 

3) the technical-scientific director, Dr. Elena Mora (ad interim)