b) What are not the Hanbury Botanical Gardens?

GBH are not simple gardens or public gardens. Unlike other gardens where the perception of aesthetic, formal or chromatic aspects is most appreciated, GBH privilege, while seeking harmony in the landscape, respect for the naturalness of the life and reproductive cycles of the plants.

Contrary to what is often believed, love for the garden (or gardening) does not always coincide with respect and love for plants. For these reasons, in the GBH the completion of the reproductive cycle of plants is favored even when this leads to not always pleasant visions of dry or rotting parts. In other gardens there is a tendency to replace or hide the faded or dry plant, which is still alive. The completion of the cycle leads to the production of seeds, which are collected and exchanged with other vegetable gardens and botanical gardens around the world, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity. In the case of botanical gardens, recreational use and aesthetic appearance are often sacrificed to preserve genetic diversity.

Last update 6 April 2023