g) Why do I have to pay an entrance ticket if the property belongs to the state?

Because the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the GBH require a careful management, and an extremely expensive continuous maintenance. The resources made available by the University (with over 20 people employed, mostly gardeners or technicians), by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, as well as contributions from the Region and other bodies are not sufficient. The GBH budgets are public, available on request, and the contribution of the entrance tickets covers only a very small percentage of the expenses, varying annually around 5-10% of these.

Because by applying an entrance fee, a fairly adequate control and selection of the people who enter is carried out, preventing GBH from being prey to anyone who wants to use an heritage of exceptional cultural, environmental and landscape value for improper purposes.

Because a public good has a value for everyone and each of us is called to contribute to its protection, even more so if we are lucky enough to benefit from its services.

Last update 6 April 2023